Affective Experiences
Affective Experiences

‘New Media, Audiences and Affective Experience’

The project aims to establish a platform for creative dialogue and collaboration for doctoral students from City University London, Kings College London, Middlesex University, New London Graduate School (NLGS) and University College London in the academic fields of Creative Industries and Practice, Art and Design and Digital Humanities.

The project comes under the Research Skills Enrichment Strategy area and more specifically under the theme of Digital Transformations. The project will provide scope for new knowledge and skills development on researching experience and ‘affect’ on digital platforms and art interventions on the crossing disciplines. The background theme and specifically the interest on ‘affect’ and experience within digital and interactive environment have been influenced by my personal research and discussions with fellow doctoral students.

Interactivity and digital technologies are challenging notions of reason and cognition, perception and memory, emotions and affection. This project’s focus is to bring into creative tension field of digital culture, new media and information communication technologies with cultural studies to explore how or if digital media challenge or alter cultural experiences and how researchers engage with it.


Principal Student Investigator:

Irida Ntalla, PhD Candidate, Department of Creative Industries and Enterprise, School of Arts and Social Sciences, City University London. Contact:

Programme Committee:

Marianne Markowski, PhD Candidate, Art and Design Research Institute, New London Graduate School (NLGS), Middlesex University. Contact:

Christina Kamposiori is currently a PhD Candidate in Digital Humanities at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. Contact:

Vassilis Routsis is a PhD Candidate in Digital Humanities at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. Contact: